The 1°Rnd of the Italian AMSCI Buggy Championship 2013

Francesco Ciriello, despite the many commitments such as radio interviewer, organizer of Live online as well as in charge of the track, can play a good quarter-finals. Honestly, it's just to praise, could not do more.


Chicca Daniele final round of qualifying gets the eighth time that leads him directly to play in the semifinals. On Sunday morning, in the free trial before the semi-final, Daniel has stability issues knows the cause and knows he has to give it all you have to do well. In his drum part with the eighth fastest time, dispute an exceptional race, seven minutes from the end is in sixth place with the final at hand. Unfortunately luck is not on his side, the engine stops from lack of fuel due to the injury of the feed tube. Finish the race in ninth place with regret but aware of its strength and quality of the materials at his disposal, the missing fourth component to be even more competitive.

Daniele and his father Giorgio


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